Cam Jordan called Bill Belichick a cheater, and Saints scrubbed the footage from team website

Cam Jordan called Bill Belichick a cheater, and Saints scrubbed the footage from team website

Cam Jordan had a scorching take about Bill Belichick, one so hot that the Saints erased it from their official team site. 

Bill Belichick will be labeled a great many things whenever his legacy in the NFL is discussed. He’s widely regarded as the greatest football coach to have ever lived and orchestrated perhaps the mightiest dynasty in NFL history.

He’s also a cheater, depending on who you’re asking for superlatives.

The Patriots and the numerous controversies they’ve been involved in when it comes to bending the rules to the point of breaking are as much a part of their story as the six Super Bowl titles are. From the original ‘Spygate’ to ‘Deflategate’, Belichick’s legacy in football is hardly clean.

At this point, it’s pretty gauche to toss cheating accusations at Belichick. It never stuck as far as stopping the mighty momentum of the Patriots and it hasn’t sullied the good name of the dynasty or its place in NFL history. That hasn’t stopped players from going back to the well to drop those accusations at any given opportunity.

New Orleans Saints defensive star Cam Jordan is the latest player to scoop his hand into the Take a Cliche, LIeave a Cliche tray.

Ahead of this weekend’s battle between the Saints and Patriots, Jordan gave a very blunt answer to a question about Belichick’s coaching style, stopping short of directly calling him a cheater but coming right up to that line and peering over it.

“He’s a top-tier coach that will clearly do anything to win,” Jordan said during a press conference. “Take that how you want.”

You had to be there to hear the comment because before the video was released on the team’s website the Saints scrubbed Jordan’s quasi-accusation.

Here’s the press conference video the Saints posted after Jordan went up to the podium, and it’s missing his comment about Belichick. Patriots beat writer Mark Daniels proved that the comment was documented, but that it doesn’t appear in the video of Jordan’s press conference is suspicious.

Then again, perhaps the Saints aren’t willing to kick the hornet’s nest with potential bulletin board material ahead of a game against the Patriots.

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