Know the Major but Unknown Companies of Silicon Valley

Know the Major but Unknown Companies of Silicon Valley

Want to know about the unknown but flourished companies of Silicon Valley? Why are they still not known to many people? Then this blog will satiate all your queries. We have skilled assignment help experts who will describe the process thoroughly in this blog.

The word ‘silicon valley’ is famous for almost everyone but most of us don’t know about the small and big companies situated there. Besides well known companies there are some companies too that are prosperous but we have not heard their names. Below we have listed some of the companies that are considered to be major but unknown for us.

1.    AirMap:

Seeing the name you may feel confused about how it works? Air Map is an app that is available on the Google play store. This app is apt for those who take flights regularly. To board the flight you should have knowledge of the accurate time of flights. This app provides trustworthy information regarding air traffic, weather conditions, delay of flight, etc. the main motive of this app is to give real-time information to its users so that they can be aware of the timing of the flight.

2.    Puma Biotechnology:

It is a renowned biopharmaceutical company whose main focus is to develop and commercialize innovative drug products that can cure severe diseases like cancer.

3.    Zefr:

It is basically an ad tech company that works with the collaboration of YouTube. The main purpose of Zefr is to create brand-relevant ads through which they come to know about the user’s choice of the particular brand and what they prefer to see on YouTube. Within a few years, Zeff has taken a permanent settlement in Silicon Valley like Amazon, Netflix, etc.

4.    FloQast:

The most interesting fact about this software is that it was established by accountants and for the accountants. The main purpose of making this software was to close the accounts more efficiently and accurately. This software directly works in Ms. Excel and users can easily use it.

5.    Chow Now:

Seeing the name you can understand that it is a food ordering app. This app allows the customers to order food from the local restaurants by simply using their mobile. The most interesting fact about the app is, it has given the customer the ability to order food from the restaurant’s official website directly instead of ordering through the third-party website that normally charges commissions. 

6.    PlayQ:

It is a well-known mobile game which was developed by two college mates. And slowly it captured the gaming industry that it became available on different platforms like iOS, Google Play-store, etc. within a few years it became so popular that the developer found a permanent place in Silicon Valley.

7.    Headspace:

In our busy schedule, we really don’t have enough time for meditation. Headspace is a meditation guiding app that was developed by Rich Pierson in the year 2010 and slowly it has become very popular among its users. This app offers hundreds of meditations that help the users to improve their sleep, lessen anxiety, and stress besides improving their mental health.

8.    Hulu:

The sound may be weird, but of late it is one of the largest streaming applications available on the Play store. What is Hulu actually? It is such an app that provides a wide variety of movies and different TV shows that users can see in their preferred time. It offers a subscription pack in which they charge very less and in return, they offer live TV shows and movies.



There are a lot of companies too whose names we may not know, but they are working silently to provide us with various kinds of services. I hope by reading this blog you will get an outline of some of these major companies. If you have any queries, you can ask our Homework Helper who can explain them in detail. 


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