NFL power rankings, Week 5: Cardinals rise, Steelers fall

NFL power rankings, Week 5: Cardinals rise, Steelers fall

The Arizona Cardinals plastered the Los Angeles Rams to remain undefeated, while the Pittsburgh Steelers are a full-blown mess.


Jacksonville Jaguars

0-4 LW: 32

Urban Meyer is sorry. In more ways than one.


Houston Texans

1-3 LW: 29 Houston Texans

When you get beat 40-0 and don’t throw for 100 yards, it’s not a pleasant week here.


Detroit Lions

Detroit plays well enough to save from being a total embarrassment, but barely.


New York Jets

The Jets scored 27 points? The Jets scored 27 points!


New York Giants

1-3 LW: 30 New York Giants

The Giants are terrible, but Daniel Jones is avoiding big mistakes. It’s real progress.


Atlanta Falcons

1-3 LW: 27 Atlanta Falcons

Another meltdown in Atlanta. Truly, the other Georgia tradition unlike any other.


Philadelphia Eagles

1-3 LW: 26 Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts carved the Chiefs up, but giving up 42 points usually means defeat.


Miami Dolphins

1-3 LW: 22 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were supposed to be a playoff team this year. Not looking good.


Pittsburgh Steelers

1-3 LW: 18 Pittsburgh Steelers

No offense, no quarterback, no chance.


Minnesota Vikings

1-3 LW: 21 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings held the Browns to 14 points at home and somehow lost. Minnesota might be the weirdest team in football.


Indianapolis Colts

1-3 LW: 25 Indianapolis Colts

Finally, a win for Carson Wentz and the Colts. Season saved. Now, a trip to Baltimore.


Chicago Bears

Matt Nagy is going to bench Justin Fields for Andy Dalton. I’m so sorry, Chicago.


Washington Football Team

2-2 LW: 23 Washington Football Team

Washington’s defense remains the most confounding unit in football, but 2-2 isn’t terrible.


New England Patriots

1-3 LW: 19 New England Patriots

It was always going to end that way, wasn’t it? The Patriots can play defense, but the offense is punchless.


New Orleans Saints

2-2 LW: 17 New Orleans Saints

Can’t lose to the Giants at home. That’s how fringe teams miss the playoffs.


Cincinnati Bengals

3-1 LW: 20 Cincinnati Bengals

Are the Bengals good? Probably not, but there is clear progress from a team long in the basement.


Carolina Panthers

3-1 LW: 16 Carolina Panthers

A first loss doesn’t move them down the rankings. Carolina’s offense played well, but the defense was exposed against a good Dallas team.


Denver Broncos

3-1 LW: 15 Denver Broncos

The Broncos had their first true test on Sunday, and threw for 148 yards while scoring seven points.


Tennessee Titans

2-2 LW: 12 Tennessee Titans

The Titans were without Julio Jones and A.J. Brown against the Jets and lost. Ultimately, that’s no excuse for such a performance.


San Francisco 49ers

2-2 LW: 11 San Francisco 49ers

Well, it could be Trey Lance time. First up? The unbeaten Cardinals.


Seattle Seahawks

2-2 LW: 14 Seattle Seahawks

Seattle may have saved its season by beating the 49ers. Now, the Seahawks can leapfrog the Rams with a win on Thursday.


Dallas Cowboys

3-1 LW: 13 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have clear issues to resolve defensively, but the offense is one of the league’s best.


Kansas City Chiefs

2-2 LW: 10 Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City had seven drives and scored six touchdowns. And they needed all of them, as the defense remains rancid.


Las Vegas Raiders

3-1 LW: 6 Las Vegas Raiders

It’s only one loss, and the Raiders draw the Bears in Las Vegas come Sunday. Good timing.


Los Angeles Chargers

3-1 LW: 9 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers look like a team that can play deep into January.


Baltimore Ravens

3-1 LW: 7 Baltimore Ravens

A three-game winning streak has the Ravens tied atop the AFC North. Well done.


Cleveland Browns

3-1 LW: 4 Cleveland Browns

The Browns need more from Baker Mayfield, but the rest of the team is operating at a championship level.


Los Angeles Rams

3-1 LW: 1 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams stay in the top five, but had to drop a few spots after being absolutely hammered at home.


Green Bay Packers

3-1 LW: 5 Green Bay Packers

Remember the 38-3 game? Feels like a lifetime ago.


Arizona Cardinals

4-0 LW: 8 Arizona Cardinals

Are the Cardinals the best team in football? Feels like a stretch, but they’re clearly a contender.


Buffalo Bills

Buffalo has two shutouts in four games, but has played Ben Roethlisberger, Davis Mills, Taylor Heinicke and Jacoby Brissett. Up next? Patrick Mahomes.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3-1 LW: 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The champs, saved by an upright. They claim the top spot, but they need to improve defensively.

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