Aaron Rodgers asking for tequila on ESPN Deportes is incredible (Video)

Aaron Rodgers asking for tequila on ESPN Deportes is incredible (Video)

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. (Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

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Aaron Rodgers asking ESPN Deportes for some celebratory tequila is priceless.

After helping the Green Bay Packers get their first win of the season, all quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants in return is some tequila from ESPN Deportes to celebrate the momentous occasion.

In the post-game, Rodgers was asked to give Señor Cheesehead’s green and gold sombrero to UTEP legend Aaron Jones for his incredible game. Rodgers accepted the request from ESPN Deportes, but on one condition: He needed some tequila. Rodgers is officially back to being a man of the people, as he wanted to celebrate his team’s big win with his favorite alcoholic beverage.

Rodgers famously sipped some tequila when the Packers drafted his replacement Jordan Love.

Aaron Rodgers wanted his tequila after winning on Monday Night Football

While beating the Detroit Lions on national television never gets old, neither does celebrating a huge win with your teammates. Jones and Señor Cheesehead may have a budding friendship these days, but Rodgers stole the show with his heat-check tequila request on live television. Asking for a round of cervezas would be very Wisconsin, but this Wisconsin Man likes his tequila.

It may be a short week in Green Bay, but the Packers notched a nice W in the win column Monday.

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